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Neoflect exists to promote alternative platform videos for FreedomWorkshop.

About Neoflect

Neoflect is an alternative platform video sharing blog, maintained by myself: Leonard Wass, aka Mr Len — an Aussie Blogger, Real News Advocate , Alternative Digital Marketer and founder of FreedomWorkshop: Internet Freedom and Privacy Solutions. I created Neoflect because I see so many fantastic videos on alternative platforms that promote freedom, that I wanted to build one central place to share them. So basically, Neoflect is a curation of every video that I come across and would like for other people to share. I don’t share ONLY alternative stuff here. Sometimes I’ll add videos about Linux, Business, Marketing, Web development, etc.. Or even interesting videos and/or documentaries (especially “banned” ones); but mostly it’s a place to promote the content that “truther’s” generate. I’m just doing my bit, trying to prevent it from going down the memory hole.

The main reason I created Neoflect in the first place is because, over the years, I’ve shared thousands of YouTube videos on FreedomWorkshop — but because of all the big tech censorship and account deletions, combined with the fact that I like to share TRUTHFUL videos, FreedomWorkshop became a graveyard of deleted YouTube videos. I posted a lot of articles with these videos, so it irritated me to constantly see the accompanying videos deleted; because they rendered the articles under them pointless. I was just (as we say in Australia) “pissing into the wind”, trying to promote anything to do with freedom on big tech platforms. I’ve had my fair share of stints in Facebook jail too. I still have a Facebook account and run dozens of Facebook groups (as I am an online marketer by profession), but I do not link TO those pages from my websites; I only link from them. Also, I don’t really post any personal stuff on Facebook anymore. I post all the stuff about “me” on alternative platforms, or on my websites.

On my own websites, I only post videos from alternative platforms such as, Brighteon and LBRY. I no longer link to any big tech posts, videos, articles or groups from my own websites. They’re 100% boycotted. I’m totally over them. You’ll see these videos promoted on: MInds. Gab, Parler and my very own Mastodon Instance; and they are posted via Neoflect so I can add open graph images and my own comments, etc.

I’m an Alternative Platform Advocate, trying to Lead by Example

Because of the rampant big tech censorship, mass video deletions, account suspensions and people who speak the truth getting kicked off platforms left, right and c enter, I’ve become a staunch advocate and promoter of alternative platforms; and I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I have privately funded the creation of the FreedomWorkshop Link Network. It’s a program that allows members to promote their alternative platform URL’s. The benefit to promoting through FreedomWorkshop is that because there’s a 5 tier membership structure, all growth from promotion is exponential. You’ll get a lot more eyeballs on your URL’s through FreedomWorkshop than you will if you simply promote your URL by itself.